Sunday, May 31, 2009

Xiao Yu- 小宇同學就是我 Debut Album (TW)

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Password: Twdrama

Album: 小宇同學就是我
Released: 2008.01.25

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01. 痴妹與王兩
02. 沒那麼難
03. 沒有很會唱
04. 寂寞射手
05. 終於說出口
06. 就是說不出口
07. I can't stop
08. 捨不得
09. 我在角落觀察ABC
10. 偶霉敢結
11. 唯一的唯一
12. 喔原來是這樣
13. 還簡單的多


Kailin said...

Do you have his new album song??

Anonymous said...

Ni Yao Shen Me Jiu Shuo his from he?

Juniper said...

Thank you very much! I've been trying to find his albums on iTunes (US) since so many Asian artists are finally becoming available on it but have been unsuccessful.

Anonymous said...

He's an awesome artist!